A new Take on the Shockadin

October 28, 2008

Defensive Shockadin

A thought that occurred to my just now. Since we lost one of our huge damage dealers, and I am hesitant to commit to seal of casino(command), what if we focused more on our survivability. Remember the core idea is that we are an effective arena, or BG healer, but the thing that sets us apart from other healers is one massive burst damage, and two incredible defensive abilities. I think this build stays true to that goal.

Lets run though the build and have a look. Holy Tree is standard stock. We go low enough to get holy shock (duh). We go a step deeper to get two great healing talents. Infusion of light and Holy guidance. Here is where the new ideas come in. We go down the prot tree. Blessing of the Kings, while costly is worth it I think as it help make up for the mana efficiency we lose in the ret tree. Stoicism and guardian’s favor help us stay in a healing capacity and keep our tank alive by getting him out of hot spots. we can use our bubble more often, blessing of freedom lasts longer. Then the two I am really happy about, a quicker stun and a fair amount more armor. although that last point might be better spent in Divine Illumination. For better mana efficiency.

None of this has been double checked. I have not played or ran the math on any of it. It was just a thought. Constructive criticism welcome.



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